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  1. sonyvegasify says:

    To get rich on Adsense you gotta donate a LOT of time and money to it but it’s worth it!

  2. allkillano says:

    0:01 to skip ads

  3. DaytonaRoadster says:

    ok so i got a question, i have adsense now, but they only have adds on ONE of my vids, how do i get it added to my other videos?

  4. offwrk007 says:

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  6. PlasmicOcelot says:

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  7. Junije1 says:

    @SuperFirefox777 Sooo, 6 months have passed, I bet you didn’t earn more then $10, am I right?

  8. geebones says:

    how can i get video ads of films like youtube at the top of their homepage dont like look of ad words prefer the image ad

  9. spottythelegend says:


  10. Gioenjoy says:

    You can see how to earn….


    Nice video, i prefer free google autopilot strategy

  12. oxwithoutoneeye says:

    Want one card? :p
    with aphex u know…

  13. MakingMoneyGuru4U says:

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  14. Junije1 says:

    Then why don’t you use the same techniques for yourself and get a lot of money? Get out of youtube, Phackeeng wimp

  15. Junije1 says:

    Still enough for condoms….

  16. VereanPatel says:

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  17. MegaInterwebz says:

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  18. namedecided says:

    can i add 3 google ads on page or do all 3 of my ads have to be different?

  19. pyroneph says:

    i make $3.50 a month with adsense LOL

  20. gordieg74 says:

    ok everyone just says we can post adds on our videos…yes we get it, but how the hell do you actually do it? do i need to create my own web page then put my youtube video on it? or do i need to download a program that allows me to do it right on youtube? because i followed the code copy paste instructions and it doesnt work.

  21. daanish24 says:

    I have one question for you????
    Knowing that I cant click my own adsense adds
    Why cant I tell my friends to click them for me?
    and How will Google find out that I told my friends to click my adds on the site?
    Thank you
    Help will be appreciated

  22. fqb1169 says:

    Can you give me any advise? I have a problem that I have not been able to correct (and no one else has been able to either)
    I cannot see Adsense on ANY site using any browser. I had disabled my anti-virus, firewalls, settings, etc. and nothing seems to solve it. I can view them on my roommate’s computer, just not mine.
    Have you heard of this? I have friends that repair computers and that are programmers and they’re all stumped (they all want to know how it happened, so they can do it too)

  23. getmoreutubeviews says:

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  25. moneyonlineeasy1 says:

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