Is google adwords the best option for getting traffic to my internet marketing blog?

Question by Duane Rackham: Is google adwords the best option for getting traffic to my internet marketing blog?
I have heard that google adwords only gets a 3-4% click through, is this true?
Is google adwords really the best option to get traffic to my blog?
How soon will I see trafffic come to my blog?

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Answer by Ralph C
You get a low clickthrough rate with Google Adwords but you get a crapload of exposures. 3 or 4% of 1,000 is still a lot. Are you aware you have to pay Google Adwords for clicks? Quite a bit if you want to be anywhere decent in the listings? I don't see how a blog can be monetized to the point where you can afford pay per click advertising.

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  1. Nagendra Prasad says:

    Google adwords was once a very fine service with huge profits from your investment but now the trend has changed now face book has more potential for marketing than google because in face book you can choose the type of people who can use your blogs (those who really need it.

  2. Blog Promoter says:

    If you really know what you are doing it is a good option, but before you do it you should spend some money on a good, reputable training program. A good one probably won’t be cheap, but it will end up costing less than earning by trial and error. You’ll probably want to look for one that teaches you how to use “long tail keywords”.

    There are tons of free ways to drive traffic to your blog. Most internet marketers submit PLR articles to article directories with links back to their blog. I blogged about article directories on my blog promotion blog (link below). All the promotion techniques I blog about are free or low cost.

    I also started using a site today that not only helps promote your blog, but you can earn additional adsense revenue from the site itself. I haven’t had a chance to blog about it yet, but the site is the first link on my profile if you want to check it out.

  3. Sean Jones says:

    Hey, if you are marketing with google adsense on your blog then I would not suggest adwords. All that does is cost you money, and it might get visitors, but it doesn’t give you clicks on your ads or anything like that usually. Honestly I tried for about 6 months before I finally just decided to get a guide. I got it from tradebiz for around 17 dollars. It helps a lot in understanding and increasing traffic and clicks. If you are interested check it out.

    Hope it helps. Good luck!

  4. nafiro100 says:

    You can use this to get traffic

    You basically sign up, click on 6 website, you will get a code put in the 6 codes from the website, and then you sign up, then once you have signed up, when ever some one else comes in to sign up your website will be one of the one that, the next person has to click on.

  5. moviesforlesbians says:

    Adwords is an option for getting traffic to your blog
    The CTR though depends on how well worded your campaign is and also your landing page score

    Search engine optimization is another useful [and free] method of getting traffic to your blog

    You could also consider article marketing and guest blogging

  6. ars says:

    use SEO to increase your blog traffic, at least you’ll not paying Adwords 🙂
    there is so many ways how to get traffic for your blogs but the question is are you willing to pay or not if you do, use Adwords, but if have low budget use SEO for long term Investment but unfortunately SEO need times at least three month or more,anyway if you using Adwords don’t forget to optimize your Adwords, use Google Analytic , to get more specific location about your niche, do some keyword research, to get cheap prices, and buy some e-books or download about Adwords free e-book , believe me using Adwords without any knowledge can kill your pocket,

    PS. use hubpages to get Instant traffic its much better than other blogs, believe me you will enjoy using hubpages, cause hubpages is so easy lol 🙂