Anyone used an automated lead generator to boost sales?

Question by Zach: Anyone used an automated lead generator to boost sales?
I've seen a few programs online that basically cold call for you... Then fwd the call to your phone when a caller is interested. Anyone tried these and did they actually increase your sales? The ones I have looked at are quite expensive, are they justifiable?

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Answer by Scott P
There are many inherent problems with lead generation services. Here are a few, poor lead quality, changed or inaccurate numbers and addresses, out-dated information and , above all the expense. Furthermore, the time wasted hunting all this stuff down could be better spent on upgrading the quality of your sales force. As the markets change, the world undergoes continued paradigm shifts, only the sales guys who are on top of their game will prevail. Many will starve. It's a fact. The biggest problem is that companies really do not want to pay a live salesman more than they think they can get away with. Funny thing, a couple of outfits I've worked for before, now pay me more to consult than when I sold for them. I left because they didn't want to pay. Guess what, they are paying me more for a lot less. Joke's on them. Penny wise, pound foolish.

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