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When reporting adsense revenue for websites on my taxforms, do I need to reveal any details about my sites?

Question by Anon Y: When reporting adsense revenue for websites on my taxforms, do I need to reveal any details about my sites?
Here is my situation: I'm looking to make adsense money off of a number of adult sites. An attorney who is a family member files my taxes for me. I'm inexperienced with these things: Would there be anything that I would need to report (site name, description of site, etc) on any of my tax forms that could reveal the nature of these sites? Said family member would strongly disapprove.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter!

Best answer:

Answer by v b
The attorney is going to want to see the 1099-Misc forms. when you get them, you'll see if the corporate name is at all "revealing."

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Search Week in Review for Feb. 19, 2011

Search Week in Review for Feb. 19, 2011
Here's a recap of this week's columns and news stories for the week of Feb. 13 to 19, as reported by Search Engine Watch , as well as search news and tips from around the web. Click to read the rest of this post...
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Quality Score Tracking Tool: An Interview With TenScores Founder Chris Thunder
Long time readers of this column know that I am fascinated with the technology behind search engine marketing. In recent posts, I’ve highlighted tools that optimize the Google Display Network , help generate winning text ads , and even a platform for developing thousands of tiny ad groups for Quality Score optimization .
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In short
A round-up of today's other stories in brief...
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NIB JVC Everio Digital Camcorder GZ-HM1 $1,199.99

NIB JVC Everio Digital Camcorder GZ-HM1 ,199.99

JVC's Newest Flagship Camcorder
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Adisem Announces Dozens of Customers Using New AdWords Management Web Application

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2006

Adisem™ (, AdWords Management for the rest of us™, today announced the signing of dozens of customers in its first month offering its application direct to small- to medium-sized advertisers via its website. Companies, such as Custom Media and Groople, join a growing list of online marketers now using Adisem's AdWords management application to optimize their Google™ AdWords campaigns.

Many companies incorporate Google AdWords into their overall advertising campaigns; however, few have the time to monitor the service daily or master its complexities to maximize its full potential. Adisem's patent-pending technology automatically monitors and adjusts AdWords campaigns to optimize results, increase leads and save companies money in the process. It is easy-to-use, only taking minutes to signup through the web site, and begins working instantly, without requiring any time for deployment or training.

In addition to Custom Media and Groople, other companies currently using the Adisem service to manage and optimize their AdWords campaigns include Phoneworks, Employer Resource Institute, TrafficDeveloper, Starthis, Stratigent, and Greekinternetmarket. European advertisers include Adsclick,, Pieces Watch, Adiscos, Resume Bank, and others.

"While Google AdWords is a popular tool for many companies advertising online, most don't have the time to monitor their campaigns on a daily basis and make the necessary adjustments to optimize them," said Ron Drabkin, VP Sales and Marketing, Adisem. "Adisem is the first service that manages the AdWords process for any size of advertiser, so they can generate maximum results and leads from their campaigns, while saving time and money."

Groople (, the web's premier destination for group travel, is the leader in booking hotels for sports teams, meetings & conventions, weddings, reunions, and for any group booking five or more rooms. Much of Groople's business comes from advertising on Google but,to manage Google campaigns properly, they must account for the complexity inherent in advertising for travel on the web. Rather than hire a team of analysts or an expensive ad agency, they use Adisem to manage all of the Google bids in a semi-automated fashion.

"Adisem manages our day-to-day bids, analysis of what is working or not working, and all of the manual work, allows us to focus on our core competencies," said Patrick Soch, Sr. Marketing Manager, Groople. "Adisem's built-in optimization also reduces the cost per action by 50% and increases our total number of leads generated through Google advertising."

Adisem is currently available online at New users can try the service for free and experience the Adisem difference firsthand before continuing with the service.

About Adisem

Adisem inc. is a privately held technology company based in San Mateo, Silicon Valley, California. Established in 2006 after more than one year of research and intensive tests, Adisem delivers a premium state-of-the-art AdWords management and optimization service. The company's patent pending algorithms focus on bringing search engine marketing campaigns to their highest level of efficiency and performance.

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Social Media Manager – How To Start Your Own Social Media Management Business

Social Media Manager - How To Start Your Own Social Media Management Business

A job which is getting a lot of media attention at the moment is the job of Social Media Manager. At its core the job entails managing social media properties like Facebook & Twitter for businesses who want to communicate more with current & potential customers with the end of goal of increasing their brand awareness and of course increase sales.

They're are plenty of tasks involved in being a social media manager. Tasks like:

Writing status updates
Responding to comments
Dealing with friend requests
Audience building (Increasing the amount of people that follow the businesses social media properties)
Content Development
Reputation management

So yes it really is a job where you get to be on Facebook & Twitter all day but there is plenty of work involved however as you can see from the list of tasks above however it can be quite rewarding.

Right now with the economy in the tank surprisingly a search for a social media manger job in job sites yields quite a few results. It's a job title that's so new very few people do it but lots of businesses are looking for people to manage their social media properties. So learning to do the job of social media manager could be very prosperous.

Most businesses now know if they don't start using & embracing social media that they're going to fall behind their competition. Think about it, of all the local businesses in your area, if you are friends with one of them on Facebook & you're constantly seeing their brand, their website, their products & their special offers in front of you everyday when you log on to your Facebook account aren't you more likely to purchase from them?

So businesses know the value of social media & if they don't it's easy to show them when they see their competitors on Facebook, Twitter & so on. So the demand for social media managers is high.

Of course starting any new job or business there is a learning curve and the best way to learn is to learn from someone who has 'been there done that'. There's an interview with highly sought after social media manager Kate Buck below where she explains exactly how she started as a social media manager & set up her social media management company.

So if the current job market is getting you down & the taught of being on Facebook & Twitter everyday sounds appealing to you then maybe Social Media Management is the job for you.


Get a free interview on Social Media Management from one of the worlds most sought after social media managers & learn How To Set Up Your Own Social Media Management Business

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Affiliates Cash in on AdWords First Aid Video Training

St. Paul, MN (PRWEB) December 1, 2006

Just two weeks ago the AdWords First Aid product was released to the public on the Internet. But what was most impressive was the amount of affiliates making money with AdWords First Aid video training course. The affiliates have grown rapidly as they only needed to insert their own Clickbank nickname to earn a large 60% commission on each sale.

When questioned Brian Adams, owner of AdWords First Aid commented... "We are very excited AdWords First Aid is selling so well. A big part of that is due to our huge affiliate force and the wide range of affiliate tools we provide at ."

Some of the Google AdWords minimum bids are $ 10 or more... just ridiculous. What ever happened to penny clicks like in the good old days?

Google has really tightened up the landing page and quality requirements for AdWords PPC campaigns. The Google bot will visit the website landing page and determine if there is a quality match with the keywords and ad that is being used within each campaign.

The AdWords First Aid video training teaches campaign managers how to get back into profit and rid of the minimum bid amounts on their keyword selections. They are taught how to greatly improve their quality score and required modifications.

The website is located at



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