What are the possibilities of being a SEO.What are the different stages of SEO jobs?

Question by ananthannair_935: What are the possibilities of being a SEO.What are the different stages of SEO jobs?
What are the possibilities of being a SEO.After being a search engine optimizer what are the different stages of Search engine optimizer.

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Answer by baba
Well, I run a small SEO company and there are two ways companies generally go about it. The first way, they hire a few people who specialize in particular areas. For instance, they would hire a keyword analyst, article writer, link-submitter, video marketer, social media-er etc. While other companies train SEO's from A-Z, for every component involved. Keep in mind though, there is a stack of info out there and only so many brain cells per person 😉

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  1. aju says:

    There are 3 stages for SEO job.

    1. Analyzing the website, and make the website search engine friendly. ie on-site optimization.
    2. Link- building. It helps to achieve the higer ranking in search engines.
    3. Verify the results, and do more submissions for competitive keywords, and maintain the top position once it achieved.

  2. Brian Powell says:

    Seo is made up of 3 components.

    Analysis – Seeing what is doing well and what isn’t for a website.

    Onsite- Onsite search engine optimisation includes modifying the actual website to improve rankings. Things like tile tags, heading tags, urls are included in this.

    Offsite- This is pretty much just link building. Gaining links from other websites using various methods such as social bookmarking, blogging, commenting, forum posts, etc etc.

    You can read more here: http://www.simplewebsolutions.com.au/what-is-seo/

    Hope I helped! 🙂

  3. Daffy C says:

    The possibilities is to build traffic and promote your website through search engines. The stages of jobs are SEO Specialist, Linkbuilder, Link Strategist, Search Engine Marketer, PPC Specialist, and lastly Webmaster.