Traffic Generation Software?

Question by : Traffic Generation Software?
I receive emails constantly from internet marketing entrepreneurs with claims of massive traffic generation using their software. Has anyone tried or use a software that has generated decent/ massive amount of traffic to their website, affiliate links or products. I would like reviews/ recommendations of traffic generation software, benefits.

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Answer by Carling
People will tell you anything to sell you their product, have you not leaned anything, Chit the two most well know companies still maintain their operating systems are the best there is, Chit everybody knows they are total garbage, and the worlds worst operating system

Yes your using one of them,

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  1. Adit says:

    This traffic generation software is good;

    I know that not all system will be applicable for everyone. Sometimes it works for this person but not that person. It’s like taking medicine, some can be cured but others need a different one.

    This is why they give you 60 days to try the traffic generation software. If you don’t find it good, you can ask for a full refund (with no question ask). 0% risk !!!

    So try it! You may want to watch the video first. (i’m an affiliate so that why the link looks weird)

  2. Aubrey says:

    My friend tried one and got blacklisted by Google. Meaning their website was removed from Google’s directory forever, for cheating the system. Google is HUGE and they are VERY intuitive these days. You can’t cheat the system and all these email solicitations are scams. You MIGHT get a good ranking, but it will be for a month, and then you will be removed and invisible. It’s called being blacklisted.

    If you need help building your rankings in an ethical and professional manner, let me know!

  3. Dear Tellman says:

    Okay, Here is My take on Traffic Generation Software. There are a few decent services out there, but my experience is that NONE OF THEM live up to their own hype. I use and I use I get some traffic through both and they are good for back linking but in the end, you will want to develop a strong traffic strategy . With any traffic sofware your results will only be as good as your content.

    Take a look at this youtube video I made to answer your question in greater detail.

    I hope this helps!

    Peace, ~Tellman

    But there are other ways to drive traffic and some of them work far better in the long run.