Can I Trust PayPal When Paying $2500?

Question by kyle.wane: Can I Trust PayPal When Paying 00?
Hi, I am doing affiliate marketing via bum marketing for some time and have made quite a money. Time to step up and in the procedure i believe there's this one guy (from India) whom i believe has got the potential to be a perfect trainer while training me adwords marketing!! I perceive him and its been quite a time. This folk has got some positive feedbacks within his profile and so i believe he's no 'money sucker'. The only part that i am stuck on is if i should make an agreement with him by paying him $ 2500 upfront through PayPal. I mean what if the promised product/training is not up to what i expected or (there's so such training at all) so will i be eligible to refund the money. (I know i am) However can this folk close his bank account and make an easy escape within a couple of days on payment. Can he be gone without PayPal questioning him or even freeze the sum if he comes out to be a scammer. I do have his email stating what he is offering and so thats the only authentic paperwork i possess to put myself into a favorable position. In short, is there anyway i pay the guy the (total) sum and he escape the easy way!!!

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Answer by a A
paypal is as safe as it will get

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  1. MJF47 says:


  2. norobizaka says:

    I would trust PayPal, but not that guy. Thats too much money to pay for this kind of thing. And he’s in India? No dude. No. No. No.

  3. shadowroach says:

    u can get the money refunded easy yes 🙂

    and say ill giv u half now and the other half when finished that way u know he is true coz people from india scamming ppl i lost my psp and got scammed

    but im not saying he is a scammer but like try him and see how it goes i mean u made that money for nothing really

  4. Maggie G says:

    Sounds like a scam to me, but IF you go ahead with the transaction, fund your Paypal payment with a credit card. That way, when the guy takes off with your money and drains his Paypal account, you will at least be able to try to get your money bakc through your cc company

  5. hymneforthedead says:

    I wouldn’t do it. Especially with that much cash, offer to break it down or something but if you do decide to go through with it, don’t go full.
    Pay Pal users have a bad history of stealing money, I used to read horror stories all the time about scamers and Crackers abusing pay-pal’s computer network.