How does spider web marketing system work?

Question by Dwrd S: How does spider web marketing system work?
Im trying the spider web marketing thing and im confused as hell
i made an acount signed in and i skipped a few of thew things that ask you to make a account in a website but i only did it on what? wheres the money come from can you please explain?

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Answer by LuxuryTravelBiz
Go back to the very beginning and watch each video. In each video, it shows you EXACTLY what to do. Basically, you will create a username and password AND a display name that will become your personal URL. This personal URL is the key to getting credit/paid. You will not be obligated to shell out money *with the exception* of Global Domains International, or GDI. This stream of income is worth the $ 10 per month! If anything, watch this video and set yourself up. You can promote the SpiderWeb System AND GDI separately. I know the videos are overwhelming, but if you watch 1 a'll eventually finish. In the meantime, promote GDI. You will start to see money.

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