Introducing AdWords Advantage Online Summit: Takes Pain Out of Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2010

While many online businesses have embraced Google AdWords pay per click advertising, most marketers leave money on the table due to a lack of knowledge that leads to costly mistakes and ineffective ad campaigns. As a result, many marketers turn to training for help in understanding the Google AdWords learning curve. The AdWords Advantage Online Summit (AAOS) is designed to teach businesses how to generate more qualified leads, increase their sales and stay ahead of their competition with Google AdWords. Marketers are reserving their seats for the free preview call covering 'The Top 3 Mistakes AdWords Advertisers Make that Sabotage Their Profits' on February 24, 2010---registration is open now

The AAOS brings together some of the world's most respected AdWords advertising experts to share their proven Pay Per Click management strategies and techniques. Through the convenience of an online venue, attendees will learn AdWords best practices during a live 3-week web event that includes 13 comprehensive sessions set for March 9-30, 2010. Attendees will be able to choose from multiple sessions covered each week, and conveniently attend from the comfort of their home or office.

The Online Summit brings together Search Engine Marketing authorities on Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising such as; Fred Vallaeys, David Szetela, Dave Winslow and Kirt Christensen to teach marketers how to save time, earn more money and increase sales using Google AdWords. They will share insider methods necessary to optimize AdWords advertising campaigns and turn average results into profitable returns.

"I'm excited to kick off this great new PPC resource and lead the opening training class during the free preview call, and I'm looking forward to sharing insider Pay Per Click AdWords tips and tricks from the basics to more advanced strategies!" says David Szetela, Clix Marketing CEO.

Attendees will be able to speak directly with the AdWords Advantage experts and get their most burning questions answered. Each session will be posted after the live sessions and transcripts will be provided.

AdWords Advantage Online Summit Sessions Cover:

Avoid the rookie mistakes, make more money from AdWords right from the start

Discover the best ways to market with Google AdWords using all the tools it has to offer

Learn how million dollar AdWords campaigns are run - get results with smaller budgets

Get ahead of the competition, and stand out with improved website rankings

Learn how to improve Quality Score and pay the minimum Cost-Per-Click for keywords

Eavesdrop on the experts closely guarded secrets and chat live with AdWords superstars

Learn the art of optimizing campaigns and reducing time management

Lower ad spend by promoting only to a specific target audience

Interested parties can attend the free 1 hour preview call: 'The Top 3 Mistakes AdWords Advertisers Make that Sabotage Their Profits' on February 24, 2010 at 4:00 P.M. EST.

AdWords_Advantage_Online_Summit registrants will receive 40% off the regular rate when they sign up by the early bird date.


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