What are some SEO or web marketing jobs, in a company setting, that don’t require programming skills?

Question by Just_like_George: What are some SEO or web marketing jobs, in a company setting, that don't require programming skills?
To be clear: I'm familiar with very basic HTML and how to use blogging platforms like WordPress. I'm looking for examples of jobs where you work for a company (not self employed or free lancing) that revolve around SEO and web marketing. NOT article writing or micro site blogging. All suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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Answer by Rock Harders
Well I don't really see how you can be an SEO person without having good writing skills which you attain by:

- writing blogs (micro blogging)
- knowing something about programming
- having great communication skills

The guy we hired is really awesome because he practices all the aforementioned!

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  1. Brad says:

    I think you need to start as a trainee seo or marketing assistant first

  2. James H says:

    For seo to work, all require strategies to go hand in hand like site optimization, keywords, basically your’e on track with word press but link building is really a necessity to improve your site. also try traffic geyser. hope this helps, james from seoaviator

  3. Catherine says:

    Apply to local design agencies. Ecommerce Manager, Marketing Manager 🙂

  4. Charles H says:

    SEO tasks that don’t include coding skills..

    1. External linking in blogs
    2. Directory Submissions
    3. Link Partnering
    4. Content Writing
    5. Simple website auditing such as optimizing title, meta tags, and optimizing urls

  5. Alun says:

    Most of the big hitters in SEO, Paid Search etc are freelancers, but you seem to be aiming at the ’employed status’ route. That is more challenging if you don’t offer a bigger suite of skills, whereas freelancers can position themselves as niche experts. Most companies (especially today) won’t want to have people on their books whom they can hire at time of need. However the link below may be an agency contact that gets you nearer to what you’re after. Good luck anyway.

    You may also want to Google ‘Kate Buck’ who earns $ 10,000 a month as a Social Media Manager.