Motorola SBV5322 SURFboard digital voice modem

Motorola SBV5322 SURFboard digital voice modem

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The Motorola SBV5322 SURFboard digital voice modem with Lithium-ion battery backup unlocks the potential of telephone service over cable's broadband connection to the home. It combines a DOCSIS®2.0 cable modem with an embedded multimedia telephone adapter and a field-replaceable Lithium-ion battery backup to provide high-speed data access and up to 4 lines of primary line digital voice telephone service to a home, home office or small business.

By combining multiple services in 1 unit, consumers can enjoy an efficient solution that offers many advantages over competing technologies. In addition, the SBV5322 integrated Lithium-ion battery backup minimizes the likelihood that a consumer will lose telephone service during a power outage.

Easy to Setup and Use
An all-in-one solution for secure voice and data services
Plug-and-play installation
Supports standard Internet software
Front-panel LEDs indicate status and simplify troubleshooting

Price: $ 75


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