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  1. localsearchit says:

    great video, lots of good information, keep it coming. Looking forward to the next one

  2. Noman rashid says:

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  3. Mark McCulloch says:


    All I can bring myself to say is what an awesome video!

    Really enjoyed watching the excellent content

    Will be back again soon for more


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  5. DiosesMadridistas says:

    wow i showed this to all my friends

  6. daveflies says:

    wat video editor did you use to make this?

  7. LianneLindie says:

    LOVED IT!!!!

  8. Austen05 says:

    good job very helpful

  9. fredyfrankle5 says:

    U SAVE MY LIFE!!!!!

  10. rmulhui says:

    awesome job!!

  11. filmsmarvel1 says:

    dang This was an awsome tutorial, thanks so much. Keep the videos coming.

  12. filmsmarvel3 says:


  13. desteryandnathan says:

    i have been looking for this tut everywhere! thanks for posting!!

  14. ZincCod4 says:

    Sooo aweeesomeeee. You should make more videos. You really know what you’re doing

  15. AmazingClans says:

    thanks for the tut

  16. theocarlene says:

    awesome! a favorite and a tumbs up

  17. wkfhmkwznwa3309 says:

    wow i didn’t know u could do that

  18. Sabra D Cunningham says:

    this is great

  19. filmsmarvel says:

    thumbs up all the way!!!!

  20. brek1239 says:

    you explained it very well thanks!

  21. filmsmarvel2 says:

    i could just marry you

  22. kriss739 says:

    nice tutorial.

  23. grovesuvwt says:

    awesome. this vid is incredible!!!!!!

  24. FaMoUZzGaming says:

    this is great i was looking for this

  25. apptv1000 says:

    Nice Tutorial that really helped!