How long before Adsense fully approves my account?

Question by John: How long before Adsense fully approves my account?
Ive been asked to create a fully approved adsense account by a network so i can get paid for my youtube videos.
I created an adsense account about a month or so ago, but i still have this message -
'Your application is still being reviewed. You will see only the background of your webpage instead of live content ads until your account has been fully approved. Learn more.'
How long will it take?

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Answer by Humpty
I sounds as if you have applied for AdSense for a website rather than YouTube. If that is true have you added the code to the site as asked?

If you have and still haven't heard anything back you can check your application status here via this link:

If by any chance you have applied for the wrong thing you will need to visit the AdSense forum and hopefully get someone to sort it for you.

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