Where can you turn when you can’t get a contractor to provide service?

Question by RP18: Where can you turn when you can't get a contractor to provide service?
I've been trying to get some work done on my basement for several months. Not a pretty job - it's a unfinished basement with old, particle board panneling on the walls. The basement gets water so the panneling has been rotted away at the bottom and I'm 99% sure I've got mold to deal with. I'd do it myself but there will need to be some minor structural and electrical work that I'm not comfortable doing, as well as the fact that I'd rather not directly handle mold disposal. I've gone to umpteen contractors/specialists both directly and through lead generators like Service Magic. They either A.) Don't show up to their estimate appointments, B.) Look it over, say they'll send an estimate and then disappear and not return calls, or C.) Submit a price that's insanely out of the logical range.

For reference this is suburban Philly. Is this a seasonal thing - i.e. there are plenty of pretty little summer projects that people want done so they'll just blow off the ugly ones like mine?

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Maybe becuse they are not qualified to do strong mildew removal...By law to do this a contractor has to be certified with hazmat properties to touch the stuff..it is almost as espinsive as asbestos removal now..they have to suit up in suits, with a contained oxygen supply etc..if found removing it witthout proper certificates/training they can be fined 40k or more for this.

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