How do I link my adsense account to my new youtube channel?

Question by Rumada Granate: How do I link my adsense account to my new youtube channel?
I have an adsense account already established on a different gmail account than the one I am using for my youtube channel, but I want to link it to my youtube channel. How do I do it?

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Answer by David Smith
Sign in to your YouTube account (Note: sign in on a separate browser if your YouTube login email address is different from your AdSense login).
Click on the link in the notification box appearing on your homepage to complete your application.
Go through the tutorial/guidelines.
When asked to associate an AdSense account, enter your AdSense account information in the appropriate field.
Accept the Terms of Service and confirm.
Sign into your AdSense account. (Again, use a separate browser if your YouTube and AdSense login email addresses are not the same.)
Allow YouTube to access your AdSense account. This is done under the "Home" tab, in the "Account settings" section and then under "3rd-party access."
Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for your YouTube and AdSense accounts to link. Once you have submitted your AdSense information, please ignore any requests for you to link the two accounts. You should receive an email from YouTube once the accounts have been linked successfully.

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