Traffic control

Traffic control
Traffic Generation
Image by Dom Dada
Sihlquai, Zürich/Switzerland.

Fun fact: This new generation of speed traps uses two Leica M8 cameras, as VictorF has pointed out below.

Furthermore, they not only measure the velocity of cars passing by, but also cross-check the licence plate numbers with a database and automatically alert the police forces nearby so they can intercept wanted delinquents.

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  1. victor*f says:

    I wonder if they still have the pair of Leica M8s inside?

    Only in Switzerland …

  2. Mundus Gregorius says:

    The evil is always and everywhere.

  3. Dom Dada says:

    So «the evil» used to employ automated Leicas, really?!
    But then again, these boxes pay off pretty fast… 😉

  4. victor*f says:

    Nope, the model in your picture has the Leica M8s … see this blog post of September 2007:….

  5. Dom Dada says:

    This is amazing. Thanks for the link!

  6. OllieGapper says:

    What a waste…