How to create Google AdSense account and earn when you do not have any website of your own?

Question by GoTo Guy: How to create Google AdSense account and earn when you do not have any website of your own?
I want to register with Google AdSense and others for earning online. I do not have money to get my website hosted, so I want to create subdomains or blogs and earn with them, maybe via ads hosted on them. How can I do this?

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Answer by JB
Either through blogs or youtube. Check out for a guide on both.

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  1. Jake says:

    There are free hosts that allow you to display some advertisements, others want to keep all ad revenues for themselves. Google’s is a free blog platform that allows you to place Adsense ads, you receive all of the earnings. Some other sites like Hubpages, which makes it easy to add Amazon, Ebay ads as well as Adsense give you 60% of the ad clicks in a revenue sharing scheme. Squidoo is another free host similar to Hubpages. The same adsense account can be used on multiple approved sites.

    Depending on the content and quality of visitors, it may take tens of thousands of visitors to earn the relatively high $ 100 minimum in order to get paid by Google.

  2. derek_reyn says:

    Build your own website for about $ 1/day. No experience needed. The program will guide you step by step and help you determine the type of business and how to market it and build the web site. Take a look.

  3. Good Boy says:

    Then First make a free blog with blogger.Make some post and apply for an adsense account.It is very hard to get a valid adsense account.Google deactivates adesnes account until you earn $ 100 or more.Many publisher lost their account when their earning were close to $ 10.

    There are many alternatives of adsense like
    You can try them if Google does not approve your account.

  4. Ravi says:

    Google Adsense Requirments are huge,,
    so first create a blo and be posting contents daily , dont place adult links & contents, add terms of service & sitemaps to your blog..
    & then apply for a adsense account & wait for few hours & get approved

  5. Pro-Blogger says:

    You can simply use Google’s Blogger to create a free blog with like yourchoice dot blogspot dot com.
    One you have done that, creating an Adsense account is so simple if you follow the guidelines You can read a full Article on Learn How To Create a Google Adsense Account here