Best way to make money online as good as Google adsense or amazon affiliates?

Question by John: Best way to make money online as good as Google adsense or amazon affiliates?
My wife and I are aware of Amazon Affiliates and Google Adsense as the best ways to make money from a website. Do you know of another ads, product selling, or affiliate program that does as well or better than these two?

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Answer by doretta
If you really want to make google adsense money check out

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  1. Ddd says:

    I got this link in my e-mail,NETLABS $ CO. have started this forum.I myself have asked many of my friends they also believe there ideas.Read that and the ads that they provided (underlined words)the best source of temporary money.
    This will definitely help you.

  2. carl says:

    Well hello John and wife,

    This might help you out a whole lot. I know someone and she pulled almost $ 6000 from adsense last month. Anyway she mentioned that another big earner for her is, Chitika. If you go to, I am sure you will see it is just as beneficial as adsense.

    I hope that this solves your question.

    Have a great day,


  3. chiewliangteoh says:

    Yes, Click per action will be the next coming one program that affiliate want to involve. Meaning that, CPA will pay you good money where you take the visitor to complete certain action and you will get the paid. One of the very famous and good CPA company will be

    If you are interested to know more, you can visit their site.

  4. baqup says:

    I think that Adsense is easier than Amazon as you dont have to actually get someone to buy something. You just have to get them to click.

    Check out this news story about someone making money with google.