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3 Vintage Cameras in Great Condition

3 Vintage Cameras in Great Condition

/ flash attachment - marketed from 1957 - 1964. Uses 127mm film.

2. Kodak Brownie Starmatic II w/ case

Price: $ 80


Raleigh, USA

Android Tablet 7 Inch $100 with app market Google Play

Android Tablet 7 Inch 0 with app market Google Play

Android Tablet



with app market Google Play

Comes with box, tablet, screen protector

Price: $ 100


Dallas, USA

Record Holding Realtor JD Williamson Now Specializing in Simi Valley Short Sales

Simi Valley, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2013

JD Williamson, a record holding realtor, is giving Simi Valley real estate just what it needs a good shot in the arm. JD Williamson, who holds the record for selling the most expensive home in Simi Valley, is now specializing in Simi Valley short sales. Driven by a love of the community and a deep seeded passion to really help his clients find their dream home, JD Williamson is a true real estate professional, something that is unfortunately rare now days.

JD Williamson understands that moving can be a headache and for that reason he offers clients who are re-locating or moving to the Simi Valley area all kinds of great tools to make the transition a heck of a lot easier. His site has the ability to search homes for sale in Simi Valley, browse through foreclosure properties in Simi Valley, see valuable information and statistics about the community, browse for jobs in the area, purchase movie tickets, browse the local news, view local entertainment and events, take a look at the weather forecast, book an airline ticket or hotel room, get detailed information on schools, and even get a market report of recently sold homes in Simi Valley.

JD Williamson is a known expert realtor and he specializes in Simi Valley short sales. He has been a huge asset for his clients when it comes to negotiating beneficial deals with many major banks. JD has earned large relocation fees for his clients up to $ 10,000 and although JD specializes in short sales he is also experienced to help with any real estate needs as a buyers agent or a sellers agent. Being born and raised in the community, JD has a close eye on the market and can help people quickly find the most suitable homes for sale in Simi Valley, CA.

Williamsons site has a simple mortgage calculator to help people understand what they can afford. JD Williamson offers informational videos on his blog and is constantly updating it with new and upcoming information to help people better understand and navigate properly through real estate transactions.

Those interested in the services of JD Williamson can contact him at (805) 657-6611 or online at

What Yahoo's $1.1B Tumblr Bet Says About The Future Of Search Marketing

What Yahoo's .1B Tumblr Bet Says About The Future Of Search Marketing
I believe the Tumblr acquisition has two major implications for the future of paid-search marketing, because it reveals what Marissa Mayer -- who has worked for search king Google and now heads up one of the longest-running search engines -- is thinking.
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Transformation in digital marketing: five ways to work
Search marketing is the core component of any digital marketing campaign. However, search has changed, Google has changed, the SERPs have changed and marketers must adapt. Since Google introduced its Panda and Penguin algorithmic updates ...
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Local businesses get a lesson in digital marketing
It might seem like a remarkable level of conversation from a search engine, but it's really just technology catching up to real-life interaction, Danny Sullivan, a national social media marketing expert, recently told a Duluth audience. “Search and ...
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Ezwatch Turbo View 8 Channel DVR Gold Security System

Ezwatch Turbo View 8 Channel DVR Gold Security System

. 1 Terabyte Hard Drive, full D1 quality 720x480 resolution recording, smart search features, 3G

Price: $ 900


Raleigh, USA

The Search (Eve Duncan) – Mass Market Paperback

Director Of Search Marketing - I'm A Proud Mom Freaking Gildan Hoodie Sweatshirt

End Date: Monday Apr-9-2018 8:31:32 PDT
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Director Of Search Marketing - I'm A Proud Mom Freaking Gildan Hoodie Sweatshirt
End Date: Monday Apr-9-2018 8:31:32 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $33.99
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Director Of Search Marketing - I'm A Proud Mom Freaking Gildan Hoodie Sweatshirt
End Date: Monday Apr-9-2018 8:31:32 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $33.99
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DoubleClick Search Overview: Search Marketing Is Now Faster, Smarter, Better

DoubleClick Search Overview: Search Marketing Is Now Faster, Smarter, Better

DoubleClick Search helps marketers and agencies manage all of their search campaigns from one easy-to-use interface. An intuitive, AdWords-like interface sav...

The Ultimate Guide to Search Engine Marketing Mint

Job Search (Job Search: Marketing Your Military Experience)

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Introduction to Search Engine Marketing and Adwords: A Guide for Absolute Beginn
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KnowBe4 Addresses Tax ID Theft Scourge; Says Security Training Limits Risk

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

In light of the increasing cases of identity theft tax fraud, congressional legislators said they would push for tougher laws to help cut down on what law enforcement officials continue to call an epidemic of tax-related theft in the South Florida region. Internet security training firm, KnowBe4, stresses that Floridians should also be proactive in their own security by learning how to not fall prey to the tricks utilized by cybercriminals.

For the third year in a row, South Florida leads the nations largest metro areas in reports of identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties had 35,914 reports of identity theft in 2012more than doubling in just a year, the FTC found (1). According to the IRS website, last year 78% of taxpayers112 million peoplefiled their taxes online. Because so many people e-file, the possibility of their falling victim to identity theft is increased; tax season has become a field day for identity thieves, particularly in South Florida, where ID theft is abundant.

The trend of e-filing offers many perks: people can submit their return online without leaving their home, and also generally receive refunds faster when filed online. However, sharing personal information over the Internet exposes a greater risk of falling victim to tax identity theft, says KnowBe4 CEO, Stu Sjouwerman.

Cybercrime is not limited to businesses, said Sjouwerman. Criminals are now infiltrating personal computers and setting up dummy public Wi-Fi networksall to gain access to sensitive personal information, such as name and social security number.

Armed with just this information, cybercriminals can collect a tax refund simply by entering falsified information in other required fields, and then modifying banking information.

Its just that simple, Sjouwerman said.

Case in Point:

When Angela Beasley of Miami tried to file her tax return last year, it was rejected by the IRS because someone else already had submitted a return using her Social Security number.

Beasley, 38, who is a search engine optimization manager for an Internet marketing firm, was shocked to learn that she had been a victim of tax ID theft.

The IRS told Beasley to fill out an affidavit and send in her identification information, including a police report if she had one. From there, Beasleys problems snowballed, leaving her to piece together her finances.

When Beasley decided to go back to college for another degree, she was told that she was not eligible for in-state tuition because records showed that Beasley, who is a Florida resident, was married and lived in California. The issue still isnt resolved (2).

Sjouwerman says that the biggest way to limit these cases is by people being informed about Internet security measures so they can protect themselves before they get into trouble.

To counteract the growth of tax identity theft, legislators vowed to push for stricter laws to cut down on this epidemic. The STOP Identity Theft Act would increase imprisonment for convicted ID thieves from five to up to 20 years; it would also concentrate law enforcement efforts where crime is most frequented, such as South Florida.

The new laws will enforce harsher punishment for cybercriminals, but that doesnt address the root of the problem, said Sjouwerman. If people dont change the way they operate online, they will continue to be victims of identity theft. We have to stop the problem where it starts.

Protecting Against Identity Theft

In response to the tax identity theft epidemic, KnowBe4 has created a family-friendly security awareness course specially designed for non-tech-savvy consumers. Knowbe4 has primarily been in the business-to-business market, but Sjouwerman noticed that individual consumers are also susceptible to cyberattacks. To better provide at-home security to individuals, Knowbe4 developed the Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course. Once the worlds most wanted hacker, Mitnick now applies his expertise in helping organizations and individuals defend themselves against security breaches. Some benefits of the Kevin Mitnick Home Internet Security Course include:

Increased safety during online interactionA browser-based interactive course that teaches users to recognize the most recent scams being used by cybercriminals;

Higher confidence in relaying information over the internetEight sections using real-life case studies which show how someone got in trouble using the Internet, and what you need to do to stay safe;

Cost effectivenessThe cost of cleaning up a security breach can be severely detrimental to business and individuals. Security training eliminates that cost;

Better understanding of internet security issuesEach section has a live Kevin Mitnick video with security dos and donts, and a security check quiz at the end;

Peace of mindSecurity training leaves you with the tools to recognize potential scams and safely navigate the web.

Sjouwerman believes that proper security training will significantly help reduce the volume of identity theft tax fraud cases. He says its been proven in business, and it can translate over to personal security, as well.

Fraudulent tax claims typically take months to resolve, severely hurting those who depend on their tax refunds to pay bills, said Sjouwerman. Security training will give people the tools to help prevent their identities from being stolen and potentially decreases cases of tax identity theft.

For more information on how KnowBe4 can protect against cybercrime, visit

About Stu Sjouwerman and KnowBe4

Stu Sjouwerman is the founder and CEO of KnowBe4, LLC, which provides web-based Internet Security Awareness Training (ISAT) to small and medium-sized enterprises. A data security expert with more than 30 years in the IT industry, Sjouwerman was the co founder of Inc. 500 company Sunbelt Software, an award-winning anti-malware software company that he and his partner sold to GFI Software in 2010. Realizing that the human element of security was being seriously neglected, Sjouwerman decided to help entrepreneurs tackle cybercrime tactics through advanced security awareness training. He and his team at KnowBe4 work with companies in many different industries, including highly-regulated fields such as healthcare, finance and insurance. Sjouwerman is the author of four books, with his latest being Cyberheist: The Biggest Financial Threat Facing American Businesses Since the Meltdown of 2008. Visit or

1. Gehrke-White, Donna. New Laws Urged to Cut epidemic of ID Theft. Sun Sentinel, 16 Apr. 2013. Web. 17 Apr. 2013.,0,5030102.story.


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