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Portable Multi-Use Advertising Sign w/Light (Downey)

Portable Multi-Use Advertising Sign w/Light (Downey)

for many more profitable/lead generating uses. It has a slide in slot door to slide in/out print ads



Los Angeles, USA

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense and AdWords (Animal Guide)

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense and AdWords (Animal Guide)

Google Advertising Tools: Cashing in with AdSense and AdWords (Animal Guide)

With this book, you'll learn how to take full advantage of Google AdWords and AdSense, the sophisticated online advertising tools used by thousands of large and small businesses. This new edition provides a substantially updated guide to advertising on the Web, including how it works in general, and how Google's advertising programs in particular help you make money.

You'll find everything you need to work with AdWords, which lets you generate text ads to accompany specific search te

List Price: $ 27.99

Price: $ 27.99

Search advertising and Google AdWords

Search advertising and Google AdWords

adwords.google.com Learn how search advertising with Google AdWords can help your business reach new customers when they are searching on Google for the products and services you offer. You will also hear from a few business owners who are leveraging Google AdWords to successfully acquire new customers and grow their businesses.
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Premier In-Text Advertising Guide, The Hidden Treasure in Your Website, Debuts on Amazon.com

Palo Alto, CA (PRWEB) June 21, 2011

Infolinks' CMO, Tomer Treves condenses the wealth of information found on his blog Online Siesta in his new book which chronicles his experience and thoughts about online marketing, digital advertising and website monetization. It is currently listed in the Barnes & Noble Rising Star Special Collection on BarnesandNoble.com and will be available through this exclusive boutique through the end of the month of July.

The Hidden Treasure in your Website, is one hundred and one pages reviewing the evolution of online content monetization while thoroughly exploring In-Text advertising as a viable monetization option. Fielding questions from readers of OnlineSiesta.com is really what inspired this book, shared author Tomer Treves. It fills the void in the market for a comprehensive handbook that is friendly enough for beginners, yet answers questions raised by the most seasoned of publishers.

The Hidden Treasure in your Website is the first professional guide to In-Text advertising optimization with never before shared industry secrets revealing how to make links visually appealing, where to put In-Text ads and also where to turn them off. It also delves into the interrelations between In-Text ads and Google AdSense, which is a topic of endless interest to website and blog owners.

This book is available at Amazon, where the first chapter is complimentary. As a bonus, Infolinks includes a generous coupon with each book sale to boost publishers revenues using Infolinks In-Text ad platform. Infolinks encourages readers to take time to review this book on Amazon.

About Infolinks

Infolinks, established in 2007 and backed by Primera Capital, is the fastest growing In-Text advertising network. Since the companys incorporation, over 50,000 websites worldwide have integrated Infolinks In-Text ads. Infolinks utilizes cutting-edge technology such as Hadoop, HBase and its own algorithm to guarantee its publishers receive the highest revenue.


How To Set Up Google Adsense On Your Website! Get Payed From Google For Advertising!

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Google AdWords: Managing Your Advertising Program

Google AdWords: Managing Your Advertising Program

Google AdWords: Managing Your Advertising Program

Do people really click the handful of text ads that accompany Google search results? Absolutely. Growth of Google AdWords continues to increase, as does online advertising in the United States. This book shows you how each piece of Google’s advertising platform works, focusing on areas that impact the performance and cost of your ad campaigns. Learn how to create an AdWords account, and then dive into the particulars of setting up your first campaign, optimizing keywords, writing effective ads

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 24.98

Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program

Make Easy Money with Google: Using the AdSense Advertising Program

Get your Web site to "show you the money" by using Google to draw more eyes--and wallets--to your content. In this friendly, four-color guide from veteran author and Web developer Eric Giguere, you'll learn all about Google's AdSense program and how you can use it to make your Web site or blog more profitable. Written in an easy-to-read, non-technical style, this book follows three average people--Claude, Stef, and Anita--as they learn to create money-making blogs and Web sites. Through t

List Price: $ 29.99

Price: $ 6.96

Behind Google’s Success Lurks a Cult Advertising Phenomenon

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 8, 2004 -

Google’s enormous commercial success is fueled by an addictive cult advertising phenomenon that only serious web advertisers are privy to. Behind the innocently simple AdWords advertisements on the right side of Google’s search listings lies a fascinating game of arithmetic and human psychology.

“Google’s IPO is generating a huge buzz in the tech sector, and 95% of Google’s $ 961 million revenue is from AdWords,” says Perry Marshall, a leading expert on Internet advertising and author of The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords. “But the secret to Google’s success has been in the rarely-discussed nuances of their advertising program.

“Most people find Google AdWords to be tricky at first, and in highly competitive categories, even maddening,” says Marshall. “But after advertisers get past the initial learning curve, it becomes a fascinating, profitable and even addictive game. You could say AdWords has become a new entrepreneur’s sport, almost like video games and golf.”

Google AdWords gives Internet advertisers access to 100 million people, literally within ten minutes. AdWords has become the most important source of targeted visitors for tens of thousands of websites. And the ability for advertisers to target ideal customers with razor precision is the reason for Google’s remarkable success.

Consultant Perry Marshall is the nation’s leading independent authority on Google AdWords. Because he is not affiliated with Google in any way, he can provide a balanced, information-packed interview. He is available to discuss the following:

-Why Google’s unusual IPO and shareholder voting structure are absolutely necessary to keep Wall Street greed from destroying Google’s ingenious advertising system

-The cult phenomenon of Affiliate Marketing, and why it has been vital to Google’s success

-The fascinating and sometimes bizarre psychology of search engine advertising

-Why Overture, Google’s top rival, is having such a hard time competing with AdWords

Perry Marshall and his book have received critical acclaim from the media, web marketing publications and businesses around the world. He is a popular seminar speaker, his articles have appeared in dozens of magazines, and he provides an information-packed interview that will inform and entertain you and your audience. For additional information contact Perry at (708)788-4461.


Perry Marshall

Perry S. Marshall & Associates



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Introducing AdWords Advantage Online Summit: Takes Pain Out of Google AdWords Pay Per Click Advertising

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) February 23, 2010

While many online businesses have embraced Google AdWords pay per click advertising, most marketers leave money on the table due to a lack of knowledge that leads to costly mistakes and ineffective ad campaigns. As a result, many marketers turn to training for help in understanding the Google AdWords learning curve. The AdWords Advantage Online Summit (AAOS) is designed to teach businesses how to generate more qualified leads, increase their sales and stay ahead of their competition with Google AdWords. Marketers are reserving their seats for the free preview call covering 'The Top 3 Mistakes AdWords Advertisers Make that Sabotage Their Profits' on February 24, 2010---registration is open now

The AAOS brings together some of the world's most respected AdWords advertising experts to share their proven Pay Per Click management strategies and techniques. Through the convenience of an online venue, attendees will learn AdWords best practices during a live 3-week web event that includes 13 comprehensive sessions set for March 9-30, 2010. Attendees will be able to choose from multiple sessions covered each week, and conveniently attend from the comfort of their home or office.

The Online Summit brings together Search Engine Marketing authorities on Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click advertising such as; Fred Vallaeys, David Szetela, Dave Winslow and Kirt Christensen to teach marketers how to save time, earn more money and increase sales using Google AdWords. They will share insider methods necessary to optimize AdWords advertising campaigns and turn average results into profitable returns.

"I'm excited to kick off this great new PPC resource and lead the opening training class during the free preview call, and I'm looking forward to sharing insider Pay Per Click AdWords tips and tricks from the basics to more advanced strategies!" says David Szetela, Clix Marketing CEO.

Attendees will be able to speak directly with the AdWords Advantage experts and get their most burning questions answered. Each session will be posted after the live sessions and transcripts will be provided.

AdWords Advantage Online Summit Sessions Cover:

Avoid the rookie mistakes, make more money from AdWords right from the start

Discover the best ways to market with Google AdWords using all the tools it has to offer

Learn how million dollar AdWords campaigns are run - get results with smaller budgets

Get ahead of the competition, and stand out with improved website rankings

Learn how to improve Quality Score and pay the minimum Cost-Per-Click for keywords

Eavesdrop on the experts closely guarded secrets and chat live with AdWords superstars

Learn the art of optimizing campaigns and reducing time management

Lower ad spend by promoting only to a specific target audience

Interested parties can attend the free 1 hour preview call: 'The Top 3 Mistakes AdWords Advertisers Make that Sabotage Their Profits' on February 24, 2010 at 4:00 P.M. EST.

AdWords_Advantage_Online_Summit registrants will receive 40% off the regular rate when they sign up by the early bird date.


AdWords Advantage





MMC Managing Director Earns Google Certified Advertising Professional Status

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

Neil Matthews Managing Director of Matthews Middleware Consulting Limited (MMC) has recently passed the exam to become a Google Certified Advertising Professional.

Neil is one of the relatively small number of people in the UK to have passed this rigorous exam which tests in-depth knowledge of the Google Adwords system.

AdWords is a pay per click advertising solution which allows businesses to "buy" keywords on Google. If a user of the search engine types in that keyword an ad designed by the business is displayed next to the search results.

MMC is offering Adword consulting services to small and medium sized enterprises throughout the UK from their base in Tyne and Wear. Full details of their service is available on their website at www.matthewsmiddleware.com