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Advertise.com launches Exit Yield – An Innovative New Product to Help Online Publishers Monetize their Bounce & Exit Traffic

Sherman Oaks, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2013

Daniel Yomtobian, Founder and CEO of Advertise.com, today announced a new solution to a problem websites often face. "Website visitors search for specific information and when they don't find it, they bounce. We've developed Exit Yield as an answer to the dilemma that helps both the website publisher as well as their visitor."

Website owners have grappled long and hard over how to monetize their websites, especially when visitors quickly leave their site. This is known as a "bounce rate," and, according to a Google Analytics report, although a bounce rate of 50% is about average, some sites have as high as a 98% bounce ratio. But now, upon leaving a website using Exit Yield, the visitor is given the opportunity to visit additional websites matching their search criteria.

Exit Yield is a non-obtrusive ad solution allowing website publishers to monetize exit traffic without compromising their current revenue-generating strategies.

How does Exit Yield work? After an initial signup and simple approval process, a small piece of code is placed in the website header (or on individual pages). Then, when a visitor leaves or intends on leaving a site with Exit Yield in place, the technology will offer relevant ad links based on analysis of the visitor's search behavior. When the Exit Yield ad link is clicked, the website owner's account is credited. View a video demo of Exit Yield.

Because Exit Yield is great at showing relevant advertisements once the visitor has left or intends to leave the domain, there are two implementation options available for publishers:

Pre-Exit: Displays an overlay lightbox of relevant ads before the visitor leaves.

Post-Exit: Displays ads after the visitor leaves a domain.

With Exit Yield, website owners have an opportunity to monetize all of their visitors, whether they choose to stay on the site or not. The opportunity to add a fresh, new (net 15 payout) revenue stream, as well as helping visitors locate exactly what they're searching for creates an advantage for both site owners and their visitors.

Exit Yield Benefits:

Boost Revenue Captures a fresh source of revenue from bounce/exit traffic.
Helpful to Visitors Publishers get the added value of helping their visitors locate exactly what they're searching for with non-invasive links.
Pays Per Click Publishers earn on a CPC with each click.
Prompt Payouts Fast and on-time payments via Check, Paypal, or Wire.
Change Nothing It simply adds another revenue stream instead of overriding the current one.
Not Annoying No pesky pop-ups, pop-unders, or redirects
AdSense Friendly Pre-Exit Yield doesnt interfere with any AdSense or banner implementations.

"Of course, publishers still need to work to lower their bounce rates; however, Exit Yield now allows them to profit from their bounced traffic," explains Daniel Yomtobian. "Exit Yield is an excellent opportunity for advertisers to receive highly targeted traffic to their sites, for website publishers to monetize their exit traffic, and also for site visitors to be served exactly the type of information they're searching for."

Website owners interested in generating even more revenue from current site visitors can visit Advertise.com for more information.

About Advertise.com

Advertise.com is a premier platform for pay per click advertising, mobile display advertising, and remarketing solutions enabling advertisers to reach a wider audience through their extensive network of exclusive search and publisher partners. Leading the charge in online advertising since 2001, Advertise.com connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day now delivering over 180 Million visitors to advertiser websites every month!

DIYOnTheWeb.com Launches a Free Tutorial Service to Teach People how to Make Money by Creating Their Own Websites

(PRWEB) August 29, 2012

Anyone who is desperate to create their own website but gets flustered by the mere mention of the term code may wonder "where do I begin?" DIYOnTheWeb.com has been created to provide a resource that is easy to understand so that anyone interested can have an equal opportunity to start making money on the web.

Free and Easy To Understand Tutorials

DIY On The Web provides the tools needed for anybody to become an online entrepreneur at no cost. Through their detailed articles and in-depth videos, a visitor to http://www.diyontheweb.com can learn the ins-and-outs of popular blogging programs like WordPress and website hosts like BlueHost. Most sites that impart this level of knowledge usually charge for the privilege but DIY On The Web remains free of any charges or fees. The site is all about giving back and letting everyday people compete on the same level as those who have been doing this professionally for years. Founder Jerry Li couldnt have put it better when he said, do it yourself and stop getting ripped off.

Helping You Understand the YouTube Partnership Program

If one's passion is creating original video content there has never been a better time to enhance their income by doing what they love. Through YouTubes Partnership Program regular people have the opportunity to make real money by filming videos and allowing YouTube to sell advertisements before them, giving a percentage for the amount of views the videos receive. Unfortunately the entire process can be difficult for those who arent yet familiar with it; this is why http://www.diyontheweb.com has written tutorials on how to take full advantage of the YouTube Partnership Program.

Earn Income Using Google AdSense

The main source of almost every internet DIYers income is Google AdSense and if they're not familiar with it then it can be difficult to fully maximize their potential income. DIY On The Web offers easy to understand guides that even the most novice website creators can follow along with. Many people are put off of using Google AdSense by what they perceive to be a difficult and complicated process, but the people at DIY On The Web have streamlined the entire method so that anybody can start earning money from their webpage immediately.


Founded by an internet entrepreneur who is now trying to teach others the skills that made him so successful, DIYOnTheWeb.com is the only site required for every resource needed to build your own website. DIY On The Web is proud to provide free and easy to understand articles and videos that help to teach people how to truly do it yourself on the web.

SEO Positive Launches New Website

SEO Positive Launches New Website
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SEO Project Manager
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Adam Web Solutions Launches Affordable Web Hosting Solutions

(PRWEB) October 23, 2011

Adam Web Solutions now offers affordable web hosting solutions to freelance professionals, small businesses and even established companies all around the globe. Starting at only $ 3.99/month, these packages already includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 24/7 technical support, free installation fees and so much more.

?As more and more businesses are going online these days, we want to make sure that they have all the support they need in order to succeed in a competitive online market,? says Hussam Amer, Adam Web?s CEO and founder. ?We want to make sure that even small businesses get that competitive edge in the market with the help of our cost effective web hosting and development solutions?, adds Mr. Amer.

The company?s fourth generation hosting plans provides a whole new level of performance, security and reliability. Their multi server environment is perfect for business sites who are receiving voluminous traffic. Their real time management servers ensure that your database or servers grow with you. The firm?s affordable web hosting packages include the following features:

AdwordsInABox.com Launches Complete AdWords Business Solution

Singapore (PRWEB) November 16, 2007

Peng Joon and Matt Ng launches Complete AdWords Business Solution: including a Step by Step Google AdWords Manuscript, 5 Day Action Plan, Niche Research, Profitable Keyword List and Website Templates.

Google AdWords users have provided substantial feedback in recent months, and http://www.adwordsinabox.com owner Peng Joon has listened, committing himself to bringing a complete toolkit for using Google Adwords to new and experienced entrepreneurs alike all over the globe. Included are tools specifically designed to give a newcomer to Internet business a walk through of how Google Adwords operates, the necessary steps to creating a first business, and the tools to operate within a specific niche.

AdwordsInABox promises to offer a new angle for individuals looking to start a business from scratch without the stress that other programs provide. "Based on feedback, we have strived to build and offer a program that does not just provide a basic outline for the use of Google Adwords. Rather, it is our goal to expand the possibilities of a new Internet business operator by providing the tools needed to create an entire business from scratch, using a concept that already works," says Peng Joon.

Google AdwordsInABox is built around the Adwords Manuscript which is one of the five components offered. This complete guide to Adwords starts with the most basic aspects of using Pay Per Click advertising and walks a new user through the process of researching, building keyword lists, and creating a new campaign in Google Adwords. The book features detailed outlines of each toolset included in Adwords, fully illustrated for quick reference. The AdwordsInABox package also includes a guide to a specific online niche that has already been researched and shown to work by Peng Joon. This guide is the result of many hours of testing and real world success by Peng Joon, growing from nothing to a self sustaining business in a few short months' time.

In addition to the inclusion of the niche guide book, AdwordsInABox includes a variety of other tools designed to make the creation of the first niche business as easy as possible. A full keyword list is included with keywords that have been highly successful in the past. Materials for the creation of the first website for a beginner's new business are also included. These HTML templates act as a starting point for a new website, allowing free distribution and alteration by the new site owner. To guide new Adwords users through the process of account creation better, a five day guideline is included to describe the specific actions necessary to create and complete the steps in starting a new business in five days time.

For the initial 2 days of launch, the AdwordsInABox product will be available for a reduced retail cost of $ 47. Following the launch period, AdwordsInABox will return to its standard retail price of $ 77.

AdwordsInABox is designed to be a solution fit for any beginner to e-commerce hoping to start their first business without fear of the initial failure that more than 80% of other Internet entrepreneurs encounter. Bypassing many of the steps that plague the early phases of a new Internet business such as the creation of a topic and research of potential customers, AdwordsInABox allows nearly anyone, regardless of experience, to enjoy the potential the Internet can provide for a new business concept.

Website: http://www.adwordsinabox.com


Social Marketing Journal Launches by Online Marketing Agency Brick Marketing and Internet Marketing Expert Nick Stamoulis

Boston, Mass. (PRWEB) September 25, 2007

Today is the official worldwide launch of a new blog and resource called the Social Marketing Journal which will provide business visitors with relevant and extremely useful information about the evolving world of social marketing, social networking, social bookmarking and all aspects of social media optimization.

Social marketing has become a cost effective way and viable method for a business to generate sales, increase brand awareness and generate visitors. Businesses in all consumer and business to business industries can utilize social marketing, social networking, social bookmarking, search engine reputation management and all aspects of social media optimization to drive brand awareness and generate online sales. As social marketing is discovered by more people the social media optimization industry has been flourishing in recent times as well.

Determining how to incorporate social marketing into the overall online marketing mix can be a challenging task for businesses. Understanding how to use reputation management, social bookmarking, social networking and all web 2.0 websites is a must for all small business owners. Enter, Social Marketing Journal, a blog written by the Internet marketing company Brick Marketing.

"Visitors of the Social Marketing Journal will find useful daily tips and information about how to incorporate social media optimization into internet marketing mix," said Social Marketing Journal owner, Nick Stamoulis.

Readers of the Social Marketing Journal will find topics such as:

Reputation Management
Social Marketing Team Management.
Social Bookmarking
Social Networking
Social Media Optimization
And Many More!

Social Marketing Journal is owned and operated by Nick Stamoulis and Brick Marketing and is part of a new growing network of Internet marketing related blogs, such as, the Search Engine Optimization Journal and Blog Marketing Journal.

To learn more, please visit the Social Marketing Journal at: http://www.SocialMarketingJournal.com

Media Contact:

Nick Stamoulis


Social Marketing Journal

Brick Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization Company Launches Product Analyzing Competitors? Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization Company Launches Product Analyzing Competitors’ Backlinks

AUSTIN (PRWEB) March 2, 2010

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key component of any website marketing strategy. Part of that strategy involves developing backlinks to a website, which can boost a site’s rankings in Google and other search engines. A backlink is when one website links to another. SEO Fox has just rolled out Link Reporter, a product that condenses and categorizes information on competitors’ backlinks.

“Companies should not develop backlinks in a vacuum,” said David Ogletree, owner of SEO Fox. “In order to create an effective SEO strategy, companies must be aware of their competitors’ activity.

“However, the process of sifting through thousands of links can be quite time-consuming and tedious,” he said. “Link Reporter does the manual labor for you. It breaks down large lists of backlinks into manageable chunks of information as well as removes links that no longer exist or have no SEO value.

“What’s more, you don’t waste any time because Link Reporter only shows current backlinks. Our program spiders the entire list of backlinks for a particular website and generates a report that shows what types of links the website has.”

Ogletree said that, based on the report’s data, a business can develop more than just a great quantity of links but quality links as well.

Link Reporter features:

    Complete list of current backlinks
    The ability to download several file formats to use in link-building software
    No broken links
    No pay-per-click (PPC) links
    Only links that have SEO value

Most reports are completed in 24 hours or less, depending on the number of backlinks. For example, it takes about 24 hours to generate a report with 100,000 backlinks. Costs are as follows: one report, $ 29.95; five reports, $ 135; 10 reports, $ 250. For an additional $ 4.99 you get a list of links to your site that are linked to but no longer exist.

Link Reporter is one of many search-related services offered by SEO Fox. Other services include:

    Search engine optimization
    Search engine marketing
    Pay-per-click management (PPC)
    Internet marketing consulting
    Inbound link campaigns
    Website design
    Web development
    Web programming
    Database development
    Instant niche websites

For more information, visit http://linkrep.seofox.com

About SEO Fox

SEO Fox is represented by a team of search engine professionals with more than 20 years of combined experience in web development and search engine marketing. SEO Fox is a one-stop shop for dedicated search engine optimization, web development, consulting and marketing projects. The company implements strategic Internet marketing techniques with comprehensive project management.


David Ogletree



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Pimientos Consulting Inc. Launches Social Media Management & Social Media Consulting Service in Vancouver, BC

Pimientos Consulting Inc. Launches Social Media Management & Social Media Consulting Service in Vancouver, BC

Pimientos Consulting Logo

(PRWEB) December 3, 2010

Running a business is a full-time job. It is a full-time job without Social Media and adding a Social Media strategy to any Marketing Mix can be overwhelming. With well over 500! Social Media tools out there the challenge is to focus on the right tool at the right time to reach the right audience.

Pimientos Consulting now offers 3 different 'Social Media in a Box' packages. 'Social Media in a box' is the virtual assistant concept applied to Social Media. We take care of social media profiles, status updates, content creation and content distribution for our clients. We can even help manage your online reputation and monitor your competitors!

1. Customized Social Media Mix

A good Social Media Manager can help tailor a set of Social Media tools to a companies’ specific needs. Helping to point out and avoid big time wasters and make any Social Media journey more effective. No more trial and error!

2. An updated profile at all times!

Some people say that a profile that is not up to date is worse than having no profile at all. It is important to follow-through with an online presence and to be on top of inquires, complaints and positive mentions. An updated profile increases online visibility and brand awareness.

3. The cutting edge of Social Media

To keep up with the constant changes and to filter out the ‘Social Media noise’ is a full-time job! Jumping onto every new Social Media trend will lead to a lack of direction and a waste of time. A Social Media Manager evaluates new trends and adapts the Social Media strategy once a tool has established itself and is worth investigating in more detail.

4. Concentrate on core competencies!

Our core competency is keeping up with the constant changes in Social Media and keeping our clients profiles and online presence updated. Stop worrying about tedious task like sending updates and distributing content. Let a Social Media manager take care of all that.

5. Save money while working with experienced professionals!

Comprehensive Social Media in a Box packages start at 500$ /month. No training or babysitting your Social Media Manager. There is no learning period, no delays! Take advantage of seasoned Social Media professionals!

Pimientos Consulting Inc. is a Vancouver, BC based social media and business consulting company. Our services include social media training, social media management and small and medium business consulting.

Our work and client history shows a wide array of companies ranging from multinational corporations to small start-up companies.

For additional information contact:

Philipp Fuhrmann

Social Media Consultant/ Owner

Pimientos Consulting Inc.





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Finggle launches its 1st Google AdWords Training Workshop

Singapore (PRWEB) April 16, 2009

Finggle conducted its first search marketing workshop specializing in Google AdWords advertising on March 7, 2009. This new AdWords training workshop was a collaborative effort by Finggle and Tan Kian Ann, founder of TechBiz Central, to conduct regular AdWords course in Singapore.

The AdWords training workshop was developed and targeted to help business owners who outsourced search engine marketing and AdWords management, to understand how to better instruct their AdWords specialists to run cost-effective and profitable campaigns.

"The AdWords workshop was a full house," said Jolly Tan, director of Finggle Pte Ltd. "We have to move to a bigger venue to accommodate all those who registered for the 1-day course."

"With the current economic downturn, more business owners are careful with their advertising expenditure and they want to know how their money is spent on Google AdWords and the effectiveness of these AdWords PPC campaigns" added Jolly Tan. "Singapore is one of the fastest growing markets in online advertising in the region and we want to help business owners to better use Google AdWords to market their services and products quickly to the world."

One participant, Hong Teo, CEO of Cambodia.com commented, "This is a good introduction to AdWords. I know what to expect from my AdWords manager now."

Another participant, Angelica Marquass who is planning to manage her own AdWords campaigns for her online business said, "A short, valuable, cost effective and informative course for all who are interested in doing business via AdWords."

The AdWords training workshop not only gave the participants the know-how's of running AdWords campaign, it also provided case studies to help participants identify the best practices by Google AdWords professionals.

The AdWords course covers general search marketing fundamental such as online buying cycle and also AdWords specific topics such as setting up a campaign, budget control, keyword matching, split-testing and analytics. Ample hands-on sessions and case study to practice what they've learned and also what to look for when hiring an AdWords manager.

To find out more information on AdWords Training Workshop and the next scheduled course, please visit http://www.finggle.com/adwords-training/

About Finggle Pte Ltd:

Finggle Pte Ltd is one of the first and leading training company to offer professional search engine optimization training in Singapore. Besides customized in-house training for corporate, Finggle offers regular SEO training workshops and web design courses for online business owners, marketing executives, IT professional and lecturers in ICT and digital media. Visit http://www.finggle.com

About TechBiz Central

TechBiz Central is a web marketing agency specializing in helping small and medium enterprises gain an upper hand in online marketing. By recommending and implementing systematic web marketing strategies, TechBiz Central has helped many companies in Singapore and the region gain a competitive advantage on the Internet. Visit http://www.techbizcentral.com


Canam Franchise Development Group Inc. Launches Exclusive Social Media Marketing Program for Franchisors

We can help harness the power of Social Media Marketing

(PRWEB) July 12, 2010

Canam is proud to launch their social media marketing program for franchisors. The program offers Franchise systems a customized Social Media Marketing Strategy designed specifically to suit their particular market.

Social media has become a massive phenomenon that has changed the way people communicate and share ideas.

In launching this new Social Media program, we are offering franchisors a competitive edge in their now-essential Social Media Marketing (SMM) efforts.

“In my constant communication with franchisors the common theme has been How do I set up an effective Social Media Campaign? Many franchisors have indicated that with social media changing almost on a daily basis, it is simply too time consuming for them to handle on their own.” Says CANAM President Rob Lancit.

Lancit goes on to say “It can be difficult and time-consuming for franchisors to monitor conversations about their brand online. But it is absolutely essential to know what's being said through the various channels on the social web.”

Companies can no longer afford to ignore Social Media Marketing. The conversations surrounding a business’s reputation is measured by your consumers’ perception of the brand’s products and services. You need to have control over this perception by engaging the community through Social Media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing include:

Controlling the Online Discussion Surround Your Brand

Communicate Directly with Target Audience

Brand Building

Generates interest in you product or service

Positions You as an Expert in Your Industry

Quick and Easy Reputation Management

Canam combines Franchising and Social Media Marketing expertise. We have experience with both Social Media Marketing and Franchise Development. Because of that factor and our large network of clients, we are able to offer these services much more cost-effectively than traditional ad agencies can.

To learn more about this unique program visit:


About Canam

With over 10 years experience in building franchise system from the ground up and helping existing and new franchisors expand throughout the Canadian marketplace, Canam knows franchising. Canam has developed Canada’s 3 most trusted franchise lead generating web portals www.betheboss.ca www.buythatfranchise.ca & www.planetefranchise.ca making us Canada’s leader in franchise marketing and promotion. We have become Your Canadian Franchise Authority™.

Canam is a proud member of the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA).