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Specific, Specialized, Successful: Reputation Management Authority Offers Two New Packages

Sydney, AUS (PRWEB) December 15, 2012

Reputation is now one of the most vital and bankable components of online businesses, James Schramko, business leader and CEO of Reputation Management Authority, recently declares. It is also considered one of the most fragilea single Tweet, post or review on the Web can spread like wildfire and damage years of well-cultivated brand identity.

Schramkos statement is mirrored by a recent Forbes.com article stating that trust is the one major bond that keeps eCommerce world from collapsing. Without trust, customers will not have the courage to engage in financial transactions with strangers over a virtual marketplace.

The concept of reputation is now radically different from its definition a few years ago. Remember Warren Buffets statement about reputation taking 20 years to build and five minutes to be ruined? The Internet revolution has changed all that. Id say that it now takes a mere few seconds to spread a smear campaign online, he says.

According to Schramko, the constantly changing Internet business scene requires that online brand building strategies never be stagnant or conservative. This principle guides the launch of two brand-new online reputation management service packages, namely RMA Complete Restoration and RMA Maintenance. Both are designed to sustain good reputation and clean up negative reviews, and are engineered to create a more targeted, more focused and more urgent campaign of building authority and credibility.

For those who have not yet set up a structured online reputation strategy, Schramko recommends the RMA Complete Restoration package. This package features a holistic and intensive approach that fully integrates various components of a driven brand campaign: creation of brand new SEO optimized WordPress websites, content generation and distribution, link building, social networking, online video marketing, press releases, document sharing and more. Strategic distribution of positive reviews, good news and feedbacks to online communities, blogs, RSS feeds and authority sites will also be launched to promote good standing.

Meanwhile, RMA Maintenance is for businesses wanting to maintain the good reputation that they have already cultivated for their brand. The approach will focus on cleanup and maintenance: making adjustments to keep up-to-date with constant algorithm changes, preserving a high search engine rank, blanketing negative reviews with good, quality content and continuous monitoring.

We encourage business owners and online marketers to select the right RMA package that will offer them tailor-fit strategies to suit the unique needs of their organization, says Schramko. Provide your customers a great reason to continue to support your brand. Offer them trustworthy information, reliable services and value for money products. Engage. Build bridges. Create meaningful connections. Thats what reputation management is all about, he concludes.

GL Conveys its Telecommunications Project Management Services

Gaithersburg, MD (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

GL Communications Inc. a leader in providing PC-based test, analysis and simulation products and consulting services to the worldwide telecommunications industry, conveyed today its Telecom Project Management Services.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, Successful management of a project would lead to resource optimization and better execution. As one definition goes, project management deals with systematic planning and organizing to accomplish a specific, usually, a one-time effort. Specifically, project management seeks to: define project scope, goals and objectives, Identify and specify tasks/sub-tasks, estimate resource requirements, Identify and allocate resources, prepare and execute a project plan and the challenge of completing project within the stipulated time and budget.

He added, Project management of a typical telecommunications system or a network would involve managing numerous tasks successfully. For example, an outdoor telecom construction, say a microwave tower or a shelter construction, would include: site survey, OSF review, deliverables, project review, co-ordination and inspection and commissioning and while executing aforementioned tasks the role of a good project management in successful execution of a project cannot be over-emphasized.

Mr. Kulkarni further added, Our project management expertise span full spectrum of telecom domain that comprises viz., public safety 700 MHz/800 MHz microwave systems, cellular systems, tunnel radio telecom systems, simulcast UHF land mobile radio system, fiber optic communications system, train control systems and station communication equipment cabinets and more. Our project management expertise greatly benefited customers and we have impeccable record of completing projects efficiently, on time and under budget.

About GL Communications Inc.,

Founded in 1986, GL Communications Inc. Provides technical consulting, engineering and testing services in wireless, telecom, and IT disciplines. Our customers include telecom wireless and landline carriers, mass transit and public safety systems nationwide. We have designed hundreds of wired and wireless telecom network systems over the past 23 years.

GL is a DBE/MBE firm certified by Maryland's Department of Transportation (MDOT), Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA).

GLs TDM Analysis & Emulation line of products includes T1, E1, T3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, STM-1, STM-4, analog four-wire, and analog two-wire interface cards, external portable pods, and complete system solutions. Capabilities include voiceband traffic analysis and emulation across all traffic types (voice, digits, tones, fax, modem), all protocols (ISDN, SS7, GR-303, Frame Relay, HDLC, V5.X, ATM, GSM, GPRS, LTE, etc.), and with capacities up to thousands of channels. Our newest products provide astonishing capacity and capture capability up to and including gigabit speeds.

GLs VoIP and IP products generate / analyze thousands of calls and traffic simultaneously with traffic types such as frames, packets, voice files, digits, video, tones, noise, and fax. Almost all codecs are supported including G.711, G.729, AMR, EVRC-A, B, C, GSM, iSAC, and many more. Additional features include visual analysis, real-time listening, and recording. The product line also includes Ethernet / IP Testing capability that simulates and checks frame transport and throughput parameters of Ethernet and IP networks, including delay, errors and other impairments.

GL's Voice Quality Testing (VQT) product line complements all of GL's products. Using ITU-standard algorithms (PAMS, PSQM, and PESQ), GL's VQT provides a widely accepted solution for assessing voice quality in the telecom industry. Voice Quality Testing across multiple networks (T1, E1, T3, E3, OC-3, OC-12, VoIP, Wireless, and Landline) is available.

GLs Wireless Products perform protocol analysis and voice quality assessment on GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and LTE networks. Connections can be made to any wireless phone with automated call control, GPS mapping and real-time signal measurements.

GLs Echo Canceller testing solutions provide the broadest range of simulation and analysis, including line and acoustic echo. GLs compliance testing per G.168. G.167 and P.340 across TDM, IP, VoIP and Wireless networks is widely accepted in the industry.

GLs wireless VQT solutions help assessing impairments to voice quality such as poor mobile phone quality, voice compression and decompression algorithms, delay, loss and gain in speech levels, noise, acoustic and landline echo, and other distortions are easily assessed and accurately measured.

GLs Handheld data testers can test a wide variety of communications facilities and equipment including T1, fractional T1, E1, fractional E1, T3 and E3 modems, multiplexers, CSU, DSUs, T1 CSUs, DTUs, NTUs and TIUs and more. The testers provide convenience, economy, and portability for almost any interface, including RS232, RS-422, RS-530, X.21, T1, E1, T3, E3, and many others.

GLs Network Surveillance and Monitoring products include Probes for TDM, IP, VoIP, ATM, and Wireless networks. An open standards based approach provides a scalable, feature rich, real-time access to network characteristics. Centralized or distributed access, efficient transport and database loading allow compatibility with 3rd party and standards based monitoring systems.

June 22, 2011 – Libraries, Social Media and Disaster Management – Mike Huff

June 22, 2011 - Libraries, Social Media and Disaster Management - Mike Huff
Social Media Management
Image by US Embassy New Zealand
During catastrophic natural disasters, a nation’s citizens actively seek out information related to health, safety, and official government communications. Libraries need to be poised to provide that information in the event that a crisis strikes their communities. In this presentation, Information Resource Officer (Librarian) Michael Huff reviewed his experience in managing social media communications by the U.S. Embassy Japan and its library during the Tohoku earthquake crisis, from March 11 until April 16, 2011. Putting what he learned in the context of how information has been disseminated in other countries during other crises, Mr. Huff outlined a list of best practices for libraries to consider in planning for natural disasters.

If you missed the live webchat, you can view it here:

Mike Huff's Bio:
Michael Huff is an attaché with the U.S. Foreign Service, working as a specialist in library programs. As an Information Resource Officer (IRO), he provides professional guidance to American Information Resource Centers and American Corners throughout Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and the South Pacific. He previously served in Japan, China and Austria.

Prior to his career with the U.S. Department of State, he was the director of the computer services division of a large public library system in Virginia, during which time he also took part in the United States Information Service (USIS) Library Fellow Program in Vietnam. Before becoming professionally involved in library automation and Internet services, he worked as the law librarian for a regional bar association in Virginia.


The Social Media Management Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get Social Media Working In Your Business

The Social Media Management Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get Social Media Working In Your Business

How do organizations manage social media effectively? Every organization wants to implement social media, but it is difficult to create processes and mange employees to make this happen. Most social media books focus on strategies for communicating with customers, but they fail to address the internal process that takes place within a business before those strategies can be implemented. This book is geared toward helping you manage every step of the process required to use social media for bu

List Price: $ 27.95


Social Media Management for Celebrities

Social Media Management for Celebrities
Ebook on How to Make Money by Managing Social Media for Celebrities and Famous People. Work With Famous Celebrities Who Will Pay You Handsomely Just For Spending Time On FaceBook & Twitter! Available as an eBook as well as Audio Mp3.
Social Media Management for Celebrities

Adisem Announces Dozens of Customers Using New AdWords Management Web Application

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) October 24, 2006

Adisem™ (www.adisem.com), AdWords Management for the rest of us™, today announced the signing of dozens of customers in its first month offering its application direct to small- to medium-sized advertisers via its website. Companies, such as Custom Media and Groople, join a growing list of online marketers now using Adisem's AdWords management application to optimize their Google™ AdWords campaigns.

Many companies incorporate Google AdWords into their overall advertising campaigns; however, few have the time to monitor the service daily or master its complexities to maximize its full potential. Adisem's patent-pending technology automatically monitors and adjusts AdWords campaigns to optimize results, increase leads and save companies money in the process. It is easy-to-use, only taking minutes to signup through the web site, and begins working instantly, without requiring any time for deployment or training.

In addition to Custom Media and Groople, other companies currently using the Adisem service to manage and optimize their AdWords campaigns include Phoneworks, Employer Resource Institute, TrafficDeveloper, Starthis, Stratigent, and Greekinternetmarket. European advertisers include Adsclick, toutaide.com, Pieces Watch, Adiscos, Resume Bank, and others.

"While Google AdWords is a popular tool for many companies advertising online, most don't have the time to monitor their campaigns on a daily basis and make the necessary adjustments to optimize them," said Ron Drabkin, VP Sales and Marketing, Adisem. "Adisem is the first service that manages the AdWords process for any size of advertiser, so they can generate maximum results and leads from their campaigns, while saving time and money."

Groople (www.groople.com), the web's premier destination for group travel, is the leader in booking hotels for sports teams, meetings & conventions, weddings, reunions, and for any group booking five or more rooms. Much of Groople's business comes from advertising on Google but,to manage Google campaigns properly, they must account for the complexity inherent in advertising for travel on the web. Rather than hire a team of analysts or an expensive ad agency, they use Adisem to manage all of the Google bids in a semi-automated fashion.

"Adisem manages our day-to-day bids, analysis of what is working or not working, and all of the manual work, allows us to focus on our core competencies," said Patrick Soch, Sr. Marketing Manager, Groople. "Adisem's built-in optimization also reduces the cost per action by 50% and increases our total number of leads generated through Google advertising."

Adisem is currently available online at www.adisem.com. New users can try the service for free and experience the Adisem difference firsthand before continuing with the service.

About Adisem

Adisem inc. is a privately held technology company based in San Mateo, Silicon Valley, California. Established in 2006 after more than one year of research and intensive tests, Adisem delivers a premium state-of-the-art AdWords management and optimization service. The company's patent pending algorithms focus on bringing search engine marketing campaigns to their highest level of efficiency and performance.

# # #

Social Media Manager – How To Start Your Own Social Media Management Business

Social Media Manager - How To Start Your Own Social Media Management Business

A job which is getting a lot of media attention at the moment is the job of Social Media Manager. At its core the job entails managing social media properties like Facebook & Twitter for businesses who want to communicate more with current & potential customers with the end of goal of increasing their brand awareness and of course increase sales.

They're are plenty of tasks involved in being a social media manager. Tasks like:

Writing status updates
Responding to comments
Dealing with friend requests
Audience building (Increasing the amount of people that follow the businesses social media properties)
Content Development
Reputation management

So yes it really is a job where you get to be on Facebook & Twitter all day but there is plenty of work involved however as you can see from the list of tasks above however it can be quite rewarding.

Right now with the economy in the tank surprisingly a search for a social media manger job in job sites yields quite a few results. It's a job title that's so new very few people do it but lots of businesses are looking for people to manage their social media properties. So learning to do the job of social media manager could be very prosperous.

Most businesses now know if they don't start using & embracing social media that they're going to fall behind their competition. Think about it, of all the local businesses in your area, if you are friends with one of them on Facebook & you're constantly seeing their brand, their website, their products & their special offers in front of you everyday when you log on to your Facebook account aren't you more likely to purchase from them?

So businesses know the value of social media & if they don't it's easy to show them when they see their competitors on Facebook, Twitter & so on. So the demand for social media managers is high.

Of course starting any new job or business there is a learning curve and the best way to learn is to learn from someone who has 'been there done that'. There's an interview with highly sought after social media manager Kate Buck below where she explains exactly how she started as a social media manager & set up her social media management company.

So if the current job market is getting you down & the taught of being on Facebook & Twitter everyday sounds appealing to you then maybe Social Media Management is the job for you.


Get a free interview on Social Media Management from one of the worlds most sought after social media managers & learn How To Set Up Your Own Social Media Management Business

Article from articlesbase.com

Monthly Social Media Management Service SoPlat Basic

The Social Media Management Handbook: Everything You Need To Know To Get Social

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Pimientos Consulting Inc. Launches Social Media Management & Social Media Consulting Service in Vancouver, BC

Pimientos Consulting Inc. Launches Social Media Management & Social Media Consulting Service in Vancouver, BC

Pimientos Consulting Logo

(PRWEB) December 3, 2010

Running a business is a full-time job. It is a full-time job without Social Media and adding a Social Media strategy to any Marketing Mix can be overwhelming. With well over 500! Social Media tools out there the challenge is to focus on the right tool at the right time to reach the right audience.

Pimientos Consulting now offers 3 different 'Social Media in a Box' packages. 'Social Media in a box' is the virtual assistant concept applied to Social Media. We take care of social media profiles, status updates, content creation and content distribution for our clients. We can even help manage your online reputation and monitor your competitors!

1. Customized Social Media Mix

A good Social Media Manager can help tailor a set of Social Media tools to a companies’ specific needs. Helping to point out and avoid big time wasters and make any Social Media journey more effective. No more trial and error!

2. An updated profile at all times!

Some people say that a profile that is not up to date is worse than having no profile at all. It is important to follow-through with an online presence and to be on top of inquires, complaints and positive mentions. An updated profile increases online visibility and brand awareness.

3. The cutting edge of Social Media

To keep up with the constant changes and to filter out the ‘Social Media noise’ is a full-time job! Jumping onto every new Social Media trend will lead to a lack of direction and a waste of time. A Social Media Manager evaluates new trends and adapts the Social Media strategy once a tool has established itself and is worth investigating in more detail.

4. Concentrate on core competencies!

Our core competency is keeping up with the constant changes in Social Media and keeping our clients profiles and online presence updated. Stop worrying about tedious task like sending updates and distributing content. Let a Social Media manager take care of all that.

5. Save money while working with experienced professionals!

Comprehensive Social Media in a Box packages start at 500$ /month. No training or babysitting your Social Media Manager. There is no learning period, no delays! Take advantage of seasoned Social Media professionals!

Pimientos Consulting Inc. is a Vancouver, BC based social media and business consulting company. Our services include social media training, social media management and small and medium business consulting.

Our work and client history shows a wide array of companies ranging from multinational corporations to small start-up companies.

For additional information contact:

Philipp Fuhrmann

Social Media Consultant/ Owner

Pimientos Consulting Inc.





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Which is a good phone for a social media community management?

Question by Web-Walk Projects: Which is a good phone for a social media community management?
I'm torn between two of the best phones in the market - the iPhone v/s Android handsets. I want to use a phone which allows me to do the following effectively:

1) Manage multiple Facebook pages
2) Chat across Skype and Google (using multiple accounts if possible)
3) Twitter (using multiple accounts if possible)
4) Gmail (multiple accounts again!)

If someone can suggest which is a good phone for me and which apps would be very useful, it would be great. Thanks a ton!

Best answer:

Answer by Kety
see this mobile:


good luck!

Add your own answer in the comments!